1. Please tell us briefly about what you do for Escape the City?

My role at Escape the City is to help bridge the gap between our fantastic global community of 21st Century job seekers and all the incredible opportunities that will enable them to ‘escape’ into a more fulfilling career. It also involves supporting our community of progressive, innovative employers in the hiring process. I am fascinated by the way the world’s approach to work is evolving and am excited to be at the forefront of understanding how those trends are changing on a global scale and what this means for business design and roles in the future.

  1. Describe to us what is different about your job compared to others that you have done?

I don’t even consider this a job. I have never been part of something before that I will talk incessantly about, obsess over and read up on in my spare time. I love the interactions I get to have with people from all over the world, the flexibility, the autonomy and the chance to build something that is greater than myself. My team is also incredible, we are like a family and that means the most.

  1. What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to bring my entire self to work, I can be who I am and I am valued for it. The team is incredible and we support each other no matter what, each person’s voice is heard and we work with authenticity aiming towards impact and we all share the same values. I love working in a space where blue-sky ideas, purposeful shipping, a focus on quality all come together to have a tangible impact.

  1. What aspects of your job are still like typical jobs?

I still work in an office. But it is fun and relaxed. I still engage in what would look like normal meetings, but they are interspersed with speed-hugging sessions. I still work in a team despite the flexibility and I also have tasks such as emails and phone calls I need to attend to.

  1. What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

We are currently working out what the next year will look like for Escape and we have some big ideas and I am very excited. In my work I am looking to help the product and service http://www.eta-i.org/provigil.html progress to the next level, whilst growing personally by undertaking more challenges such as leading workshops, public speaking, content creation and stretching targets.

  1. Escape is celebrating its 3rd or 4th year is that right? What will Escape look like in another 3-4 years do you think? What’s the vision?

Escape the City is actually on it’s way to its 6th year, if you consider that it’s first year was just a single email sent to a group of understanding friends and parents. This year we have successfully delivered x3 impactful tribe programmes that have helped shape the lives of 300 people. Next year is a focus on quality, on doubling down on our product and hopefully sketching out a version that we can share with the wider community. So by 2020 looks something like a full global movement of people who can enter into a community anywhere in the world and gain access to the people, tools and opportunities that will enable them to live the life they want.

  1. And finally, what would you say to all our awesome alumni who found us through Escape the City’s volunteer opportunities section now they have take a bold leap into the unknown, done something different and are looking for their next move?

Firstly congratulations! It is an incredible journey that you are on and I think that taking the step into the unknown is the first step to living a full, deliberate and engaging life. The next step will be just as exciting as the last, because even if you do go back to a more typical role for a while, you cannot undo the new mindset you will have created. And that is one of embracing adventure, saying yes to your journey and enjoying the small steps, never settling for less and a dedication to living your personal legend.

Well done and may 2016 be just as fun and prosperous.

Much love

Mel + Escape Team

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