Looking back over the last year, one word springs to mind – ‘incredible’. It was the year that _SocialStarters really came to life, the year our start-up journey began and if I think about what we managed to achieve in the last year, it really seems unbelievable.

Something that has really stood out for me this year, which still feels very overwhelming to this day –  is the continued support from volunteers around the world. When we started out there was just two of us, working crazy long hours almost 7 days a week. But after a while people started to join us, people who really believed in what we were doing and wanted to give their time to support us. When you’re working so hard to get something off the ground because you believe it can make an impact, having people come forward to help you out is honestly the most overwhelming feeling. Because suddenly we weren’t alone in our mission, we were a team.

And so now we look back on 2015 and our start-up journey, I just want to personally thank everyone who has been involved in _SocialStarters in 2015. It’s together we made this happen, so thank you to everyone for being part of the journey.


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